Written by Robyn K.

Thank you, Thank you!!!
Thanks to Corey I can open my jaw without it clicking or getting stuck. I have had horrible TMJ for the last 10 years and after numerous night guards and dentists advice I decided to try something different. Corey's TMJ massage has been an absolute

g-dsent. I no longer wake up with horrible headaches from clinching my jaw all night and I can open and close my jaw without the horrible noises. If you have TMJ, please, please go see Corey and get it taken care of, there is no reason to live with the pain, there FINALLY is a solution. Thank you, thank you. Corey is the most sanitary, professional, helpful, and friendly person I have ever met. I trust her completely and I am immediately put to ease when I walk through the door. Most of the time I wish I could stay on the table and sleep because I am so relaxed even when Corey is working her massage magic (no pain, no gain). I highly recommend Corey.

Written by Laura R.

If you have TMJ...This is the place to go!
I have had TMJ for three years. I never thought I was going to get out of pain. I was scrolling around Citysearch to find a good place to get a facial and stubbled across Corey Katz. I began my series of TMJ treatments and I am pain free today! I am so grateful and can not express the freedom I have from waking up and not feeling my sore jaw or tender teeth. I used to clench while driving... no more! I can not say enough good things about this treatment.

Written by Julie W.

Pain Free and Feeling Fabulous!
I was battling with a bad TMJ problem. I went to Dr’s, Dentists and even tried cranial sacral therapy. I have spent so much time and money on trying to find relief. My first TMJ therapy session was AMAZING, to put it mildly. It was painful but nothing like the pain I have been living with for the past two years. I actually walked away for the first time in two years feeling NO Pain. I couldn’t believe it. I hope this review helps encourage others to go see Corey and get out of pain. Thank you Corey for all of your help!

Written by Rena B.

Your face will thank you!!!
My TMJ sessions with Corey are amazing. I used to clench my jaw and have constant headache’s. The jaw release was so effective in releasing all tension in my face. What a relief and you really do see a face-lift effect from it. Amazing. I have been getting sessions from Corey for six months now and my headache’s are gone and I stopped waking up my husband with my horrible teeth grinding. He is so into me getting my TMJ treatments. I did send my husband in to see Corey because I wanted him to experience this session and see if it helped his tension headache’s. He loved it. He is a little intimidated with the amount of pressure used to release the jaw but got a great relief from his session. I am sure he will be back and I will definitely keep coming in!

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